A Pristine Ecosystem

The never-ending chorus of life pulsates through the pristine, rain-soaked, mud-slicked forest of Manu National Park in southeastern Peru. As biologists trek to the remote Cocha Cashu Biological Station perched on the shore of an oxbow lake, a flurry of monkeys dances through the forest canopy past colorful parrots and other rain forest birds. River otters the size of small dogs bark from the lake, insects drone, and frogs cavort looking for mates. The biodiversity of the forest is staggering.

Though rugged in nature, the field station is fully staffed, contains a laboratory, and has Internet access. With your support, San Diego Zoo Global staff maintains the station, making it available for researchers from other organizations and as a premier field research site and training facility for conservation scientists. Cocha Cashu provides a world-class educational opportunity for students driven by curiosity, adventure, and a passion for saving wildlife.

How We're Helping

In 2011, San Diego Zoo Global took over the management of Cocha Cashu Biological Field Station in Peru. The pristine tropical ecosystem provides life-changing experiences for students of biological diversity. Garnering support for this field station will help generations of conservationists better understand the complexity of this region and help guide conservation decisions in the future. With education, outreach, and capacity building at the fore, Cocha Cashu is an innovative model for research stations to engage and integrate local people, the government, and the academic community.

Sharing Spatial Ecology
Spatial ecology is the study of how animals and plants interact with their environment through space and time. Spatial ecology is now the fastest growing field in ecology, because rapid advances in technology and techniques for capturing and analyzing spatial data drive it.

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