The tiger is one of the world’s most revered animals, a symbol of power, strength, and regal dignity. Formidable, graceful, intense, compelling, fierce, and awe inspiring, tigers have come to represent the essence of wildness itself. Experience the power of the tiger in person as you explore their new home at Tiger Trail.

Stalks of bamboo surround you as you wind along the path. You look up to discover a magnificent gateway, an inviting portal to a distant place. Stepping up you see the carved figure of a tiger ahead, enticing you forward to enter its Sumatran realm.

You come upon a logging camp where a section of forest has been cleared. Stumps, log piles, and rocks must be climbed over and around, and you note the tent and few belongings of the loggers, as well as their log sled on the hillside above. A mother tiger has hidden her cubs in a rocky crevice nearby—can you spot them?

A sign saying “Pondok” hangs on a wooden hut, a small market stand. What is it? Why is it here? Inside, the wares of poachers are sold, an unsettling display of pieces and parts of tigers and other animals. A conservation volunteer is there, however, to talk with visitors about the role of such markets, and what can be done to prevent them.

Did you know that tigers were great swimmers? So much for all cats disliking water! A deep pool glimmers in the sunshine and a tiger is taking a dip—and you can see everything he does through the tall glass viewing windows. What a sight!

The trail takes you up the hillside and below you is a spectacular view of tigers padding along the rocks and streams below. Ahead is another surprise: a cascading waterfall spilling to the rocks below—and the path goes behind the water!

Along the path you’ve seen glimpses of a rooftop with intriguing angles and spires, and now here’s the building: the Sambutan Longhouse, a community gathering place with beautiful Sumatran architecture. The artistic details and rustic construction invite you to explore, finding posters about tiger conservation and information about this cultural center.

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