Bethan Morgan, Ph.D.


I’ve been working with gorillas since the tender age of 21, when I joined a fledging gorilla habituation program in the Central African Republic. After two years in Gabon studying the relationship between gorillas, chimpanzees, forest elephants, and their habitat for my doctoral degree, I moved to the rain forest in Cameroon and started working for San Diego Zoo Global.

In 2002, we found a tiny, 25-member gorilla community in Cameroon’s Ebo forest, which is isolated from other gorilla populations by hundreds of miles. The Ebo gorillas have become the cornerstone of our conservation efforts in the Ebo forest. We have worked hard to inspire local people to watch over and take pride in the wildlife living in their backyard. One of my greatest triumphs is being empowered by San Diego Zoo Global to identify, find, and now actively protect the Ebo gorillas. It is likely that they would be extinct without our efforts—and your support.

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