Looking for a Home

Say hello to Qinisa, our youngest elephant. An adorable bundle of energy, she likes to wrestle and play chase with her older brother, Mac. She’s smart, curious, and celebrated her second birthday with an elephant-treat cake that she shared with her family.

But if it weren’t for you, Qinisa would never have been born.

Qinisa’s mom, Swazi, is the leader of this elephant family and a protective and caring mother. She can be kind of bossy, but she also often has a group of the little ones following her wherever she goes. And she loves to swim.

But without you, Swazi would be dead.

Why They Need You
  • Elephants are poached for their tusks, which are carved into trinkets, jewelry, and art pieces.
  • Expanding human populations into elephant habitat creates more conflicts between humans and elephants.
  • Habitat loss means it is difficult for elephants to find enough food.
  • Climate change and prolonged drought make finding water more difficult for elephants.
  • Heavy poaching of elephant herds leaves youngsters as orphans, without adults to teach them how to survive.
How We're Helping

San Diego Zoo Global is studying how elephants in the wild use their habitat, find food and water, and form their families and social groups. We are partnering with conservation researcher Dr. Michael Chase to track, study, and record information about elephant herds in Botswana. Staff members like Greg Vicino learn what our elephants at the Zoo and Safari Park do, particularly reproduction and how they raise their calves, something that is difficult to study in the wild. San Diego Zoo Global researcher Dr. Matt Anderson is also studying the sounds and calls that elephants use to communicate with each other. What we learn at our facilities helps inform conservation efforts in the wild, and what we discover in the wild helps us care for our elephants at the Zoo and Safari Park. The more we know, the more we can help all elephants.

Our Elephant

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