One Little Gorilla's Story

When Imani the gorilla was in labor with her first baby, all seemed to be going well. Keepers and veterinarians at the Safari Park were there, monitoring her progress as nature took its course. With her contractions two minutes apart, the birth should have happened at any moment, but several hours later, it was clear the mother-to-be was in distress.

Imani needed help.

Why They Need You
  • Poaching and habitat loss are dire threats to these great apes.
  • Young gorillas are sometimes stolen from their mothers to be sold as “pets." While trying to protect the family, the mother and the male silverback may be killed.
  • Mining for the mineral coltan, used in making cell phones, destroys gorilla habitat. Recycling your phone can mean less mining.
  • Gorillas are trapped and snared to be killed and eaten as bushmeat, and their body parts are sold as "souvenirs."
  • Loss of their forest homes and the effects of climate change on their food and water sources put gorillas in danger.
How We're Helping

From our field station in Cameroon, Dr. Bethan Morgan and her team work tirelessly uniting local people to help save their local wildlife, including a tiny population of the newly discovered Ebo gorillas. She established Clubs des Amis des Gorilles (Gorilla Guardian Clubs), which are voluntary, community-run clubs near the gorillas’ habitat. These guardians monitor the gorillas’ activities and note any threats to them. The team also conducts outreach and education projects that build community pride in the gorillas and the forest. By engaging surrounding communities in preserving wildlife, we are working with our partners as a unified team to save these special apes. 

Our Gorilla

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